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High Profile, UHNWI & HNWI Information Security Services. Enjoy the same enterprise class Information Security Services formerly reserved for large multi-national corporations and businesses.

Welcome to Private-Infosec.

A unique Private Information Security consultancy with over 15 years of experience.

We offer a confidential and tailored service designed to meet the diverse requirements of Ultra-High Net Worth and High Net Worth Individuals around the globe.

Our solutions provide the highest level of security to your valuable information assets while enabling you to conduct business as usual wherever you are without hindrance.

Our Chief Security Expert is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and a Certified Ethical Hacker with a wealth of experience in Information Security. He is also a Checkpoint Certified Security Expert and has consulted for multiple multinational organisations and HNWI's.

He is available for private consultation and can assist you in protecting your valuable data and information from the myriad of today’s (and future) threats such as Data Theft, Cyber Espionage, Identity Theft, Hackers, Viruses, Spam, Phone Tapping, Bluesnarfing, Botnets, Internet Crime Groups and much more....

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Home Network security solutions and services for the saftey and privacy of the whole family....

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Enterprise class Information Security solutions and services designed to protect your business against today's and future threats....


Why not let Private-Infosec manage Internet/Network security for your home and bussiness for your total peace of mind...

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We abide by a strict code of conduct derived from industry standards and regulations, providing the assurance that our unique services are higly professional and provided in strict confidence....

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